Labor’s Pinelands backflip a victory for businesses and people in Pinelands

13 March 2019

Labor’s monumental backflip today once again highlights the incompetence of this government to consult, manage its finances and deliver projects.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition Lia Finocchiaro has stood shoulder to shoulder with businesses in Pinelands and people in Palmerston for the last seven months opposing the Government’s decision to build a youth detention centre and sobering up shelter in Pinelands.

"Today’s announcement vindicates seven months of tireless fighting by Pinelands business, residents and the Opposition against the Pinelands site."

"This backflip is a victory for those hardworking Territorians who poured all of their energy, time and finances into a strong campaign against the Government."

In August 2018 the Government announced the site without any consultation in a desperate attempt to be seen to be moving forward on its election commitment to build a new youth detention facility in line with the recommendations of the Royal Commission.

"In a desperate attempt to look busy this Government failed to undertake any consultation or due diligence into the suitability of this site and today they have egg on their face – they should have listened to the feedback right from day one," she said.

"In seven months, how much taxpayer’s money did the Government waste?

"In the meantime, it has poured over $10m into making Don Dale safer and more suitable.

"The Government has driven the Territory into an economic and financial crisis of an unimaginable magnitude – it is little wonder it wants to hold over building a $50m facility.

"What we have witnessed today is an incompetent government that continues to make it up as it goes along."