Labor – doesn’t know when to hold ‘em or fold ‘em

24 January 2019

Yet again, a Labor thought bubble has been an unequivocal failure.

When the Chief Minister launched the Charles Darwin University’s $300,000 CBD student hub, he bragged it would "inject vibrancy" into the Darwin CBD. It didn’t.

"As we said in September last year, when it was revealed the hub had only one or two students visiting per day, this was a poorly executed idea that came at great expense to the Territory taxpayer," Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said.

"Now, instead of acknowledging that they have wasted Territory taxpayer dollars on a bad idea, Labor are going to persevere and waste more money. They have closed the hub as it is because it failed.

"The plan to reopen the hub with some different services demonstrates that Labor doesn’t have a clue.

"There is no supporting evidence to suggest that the new hub will do any better than the last. As well, Labor promised to release its final report on the Hub pilot project which was due by 31 December last year. We have not yet seen that report – what have they got to hide?

"The CLP Opposition knows when to hold em’ and knows when to fold em’. And we certainly know when to walk away.

"We would improve the CBD through encouraging private investment, stop the tax grabs, lift the red tape strangling business and NOT waste taxpayers’ funds on a gamble."