Keeping the heat on crime and the economy

14 August 2019

The Opposition is holding the Gunner Labor Government to account about its lack of transparency over the state of the Territory’s economy.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said the Gunner Labor Government continued to remain cute about the state of the economy.

"We’re the worst performing economy in the nation, we have hurdle after hurdle stopping any sustainable private sector investment, and we’ve got a Government who have no short or medium term plans to stimulate our economy," he said.

"We are continuing our scrutiny of this incompetent Gunner Labor Government and ask the tough questions about their wasteful spending and lack of action when it comes to the ‘tough’ budget repair measures they promised they’d implement."

Mr Higgins said crime was also on the agenda, as Territorians battle record property crime.

"Earlier this week, viral footage of youths yelling profanities at a local resident reinforced the urgent need for consequences for youth who break the law," he said.

"The same youths had earlier damaged the resident’s vehicle.

"The Chief Minister and his Cabinet remain out of touch with community expectations about youth crime.

"Territorians are sick and tired of hearing the same rhetoric and spin from this Government who do not believe in punishment."