Hearing and listening to local tradies

24 January 2019

The Opposition has launched a survey asking tradies about their direct experiences with the Labor Government’s so called public housing stimulus packages.

Labor has claimed their $69 million public housing repairs and maintenance program helped more than 220 local contractors and says their $100 million follow-up program is also expected to be "a huge boost" for small local businesses.

"But that’s not we’re hearing," Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said.

"We’ve been told by some businesses that in fact the work has not gone directly to local contractors, that it has been difficult to win the work, that registering has yielded very little and that when they do win the work it is taking too long for government to pay.

"And from questions we’ve posed to government we know that although they have told us only Northern Territory businesses can register for works under the stimulus packages, some of the work has, in fact, been awarded to interstate companies.

"Our survey is to gauge from local contractors how deep the issues are and what sort of experiences – good and bad – have they had with the stimulus packages.

"If we find the news is good for the government – we’ll share that feedback too. We’re not sure what sort of evaluation they’re conducting but we’re happy to do that work for them."

Mr Higgins said the survey would be open until 11 Feb. It can be accessed here: