Get back to the table and hook us up a deal

21 November 2018

CLP leader Gary Higgins says its past time for the Labor Government and the Northern Land Council to get back to the drawing table and finalise an agreement regarding fishing permits in the Top End.

"This uncertainty is hurting both commercial and recreational fishers alike. And it’s not good enough for the government to blame the previous regime," Mr Higgins said.

"They are in the seat now and have had more than two years to negotiate a universal agreement.

"Nothing kills business like uncertainty and so far the Labor government has been nurturing that uncertainty along by giving no comfort to industry or even including them in their thinking.

"For a government that constantly brags about consulting – this is yet another example of how they treat industry and Territorians with contempt.

"I call on the government and the NLC to work this out soon or else face the consequences of yet another depressed industry in the Top End."