Gagged by floor price

31 October 2018

This afternoon, the Opposition presented a bill entitled Liquor Amendment (Repeal of Minimum Pricing) Bill 2018 (Serial 68).

Leader of the Opposition, Gary Higgins said the Labor government used its numbers to vote the Bill down and gag the Opposition, before a debate could even take place.

"Labor’s arrogance is unwavering."

"Rather than recognise the overwhelming feedback from Territorians, which was loud and clear in support of removing the floor price, Labor bullishly used its numbers to gag the debate before it even began."

"The Opposition’s repeal Bill reflected the views of Territorians, who were misled by Labor on the evaluation and the effect of floor price."

"Territorians value their freedom, independence and lifestyle above all else. The floor price represents a further move towards a nanny state, while failing to address the root causes of antisocial behaviour and alcohol-related crime."

"Like the Banned Drinker register (BDR), the floor price does not address chronic alcoholism and does not provide treatment for Territorians who need it most," said Mr Higgins."