Freedom FROM information

08 January 2019

What has Labor got to hide?

On 19 November last year, the Opposition filed a Freedom of Information request seeking vision from the Don Dale riot that occurred on 6 and 7 November 2018 and which resulted in a taxpayer bill of $750,000 in damage.

That request has been refused citing, in part, that a police investigation is underway – even though it has been widely reported that eight young offenders have been charged for their role in the riot.

"The refusal gives other seemingly frivolous reasons for not releasing the footage, such as the privacy of individuals, although those persons’ identities could be easily obscured through technological means," Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said. "This excuse simply does not hold water.

"If the Territory Government was honest with Territorians, including those in Pinelands that are having a new Don Dale forced upon them, they would release this vision immediately.

"Labor spruiks endlessly about providing an open and accountable government but their pledges of transparency is a tissue of lies – they clearly have a lot to hide."

The refusal comes on top of reports that the Territory Government is the worst in Australia for refusing FOI requests by a substantial gap - 27 percent of FOI requests refused in 2017-18.

Link – copy of FOI refusal