For a serious topic

12 February 2019

Labor must show some gumption and openly and honestly debate the economic crisis of the Northern Territory.

The Opposition today gave notice of a no confidence motion to examine Labor’s epic failure as fiscal managers.

"This is serious, deadly serious, and if Labor is unwilling or unable to stand up in Parliament and put on the record their plans to tackle the situation then they will prove their arrogance and ignorance on this matter," Mr Higgins said.

"I know we’ll be accused of overkill but the Territory is facing unprecedented levels of debt and deficit. We need to use all forums available to us to have these public discussions and get some commitments on the official record.

"Labor is asking Territorians to trust that they’ll do the right thing but how can we when they have spent two and a half years hiding the facts and still, to this day, deny there is any financial crisis?

Mr Higgins said he hopes the debate will at least yield some sensible, factual debate.

"We’ll be asking again - what savings has the government identified for this financial year and the outer years? How are they reining in their spending? Where is the discipline promised by the Chief Minister?" he said.

"We hope all members bring their thoughts to the table and the government listens, really listens."