Fishing for certainty

28 November 2018

CLP leader Gary Higgins says he fears the commercial fishing industry and fishing tourism may be decimated if there continues to be an impasse over permits.

In Parliament today, Mr Higgins said the uncertainty was killing jobs and investment.

"What is clear from the current crisis is that Labor does not understand that industry, and does not value the whole sector. The CLP on the other hand gets the industry, gets the sector, and gets business," Mr Higgins said.

"(What) is the position of Minister Vowles, where does he stand? What hat is he wearing - Primary Industry and Resources and/or Indigenous Affairs. What does he really believe?

"The entire NT seafood industry is at least a $1.5 billion industry and likely closer to $2 billion based on today’s figures.

"People have families and personal commitments to honour. People in the seafood industry need to plan for their futures. But at the moment there is no certainty."

Mr Higgins called on the government and the NLC to work out the issues on urgency.

"Show some leadership for pity’s sake and get this sorted!" he said.