Federal study welcomed

14 March 2019

A Productivity Commission review of government expenditure in children and family services targeting harm prevention of children is a welcome step in transparency.

The Commonwealth has released the terms of reference for the Productivity Commission Study looking at improvements to the way initiatives supporting families and children are funded in the Northern Territory.

The study relates to a key recommendation of the Royal Commission into the Detention and Protection of Children in the Northern Territory and will review Commonwealth and Territory Government expenditure.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition Lia Finocchiaro said child safety is of paramount importance, and there is a need for greater coordination of government funding to ensure improvements in safety for children.

"We welcome this announcement which will make it clear where the funding is actually going," she said.

"We have been concerned about how Territory Government expenditure in this area has effectively targeted the issues, especially with the rise in child protection cases, the failures in the system and the increase in youth crime.

"Millions of dollars have been allocated to this vital area but are they being spent wisely? The Productivity Commission study will hopefully answer that basic question as well as reveal details of government expenditure which may have been concealed.

"Children are the Territory’s future, and the government has a duty of care in keeping them safe and healthy and to invest wisely in their care and protection."