Executives need to ‘suck it up’: Gunner

17 June 2019

The Gunner Labor Government must come clean on how it plans to implement pay freezes for school principals on executive contracts.

Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said principals shouldn’t have to pay for this Government’s mistakes.

"Three years of wasteful spending in, and now our principals and other front line staff are having to foot the Labor bill," she said.

"Only this morning, the Chief Minister on Mix FM was asked if he thought people concerned by the pay freeze should ‘suck it up’, to which he coldly replied ‘I think it’s a very fair thing to do’.

"Does the Education Minister plan to force hardworking principals working in rural and remote areas to ‘suck it up’ and take a pay freeze? Because we’re unsure how this is going to be enforced, and neither is this Government by the look of things."

Mrs Finocchiaro also said the Territory presented some of the most unique and remote working conditions which meant it was difficult to attract and retain staff.

"This is not a Government people want to work with," she said.

"What message are they sending to people about living, working and investing in the Northern Territory? At the moment, it’s not a welcoming one, and that one needs to change."

The Opposition also had concerns for teachers in Katherine, and had questions for Education Minister Selena Uibo about how the Government plans to work with teachers in Katherine.