Enjoy your last fee free Easter

18 April 2019

The Opposition hopes all Territorians enjoy their last fee free Easter before entry fees to parks and museums become a reality.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said the Easter break was one of the busiest periods for the Territory’s parks and other attractions, and hoped a future fee wouldn’t deter people from going.

"Time and time again we’ve told this Government their spending habits are wasteful and now we see Territorians and visitors being punished for their own poor mismanagement of budgets," he said.

"Why should our lifestyle be compromised, for this Government’s incompetent budget management? Our economy is in tatters and businesses are closing daily. There is nothing left for Territorians to give, but the Government has somehow found a way to go after our beloved lifestyle."

Mr Higgins said the Government needed to tell Territorians they wouldn’t introduce boat registration.

"They reneged on their promise not to sell public assets, how can we trust them not to introduce boat registration?" he said.

"True to form, even when everything is falling apart around us, the Gunner Labor Government will still find a way to push its nanny state agenda, to the detriment of Territorians, just look at what they did when they increased the cost of beer, after saying they wouldn’t."