End-of-year report card for NTG

21 December 2018

The CLP Opposition has issued its own end-of-year report card for the Labor Government.

The card outlines six key areas for the government – Financial Management, Wealth Creation, Law and Order, Openness and Transparency, Portfolio Management and Self Promotion.

Unsurprisingly, Labor’s grades in Financial Management, Wealth Creation, Law and Order and Portfolio Management are all Fails.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said the assessment was based not just on the CLP’s observations and interactions with the government over the last year, but the feedback from Territorians.

"Labor has underperformed this year and desperately needs to apply itself if it’s to steer the Northern Territory through the financial and social crises we find ourselves in," Mr Higgins said.

"Their hubris prevents them from admitting any wrongs and they are overly fond of blaming everyone else except themselves. All Ministers need to start performing in their portfolios – they should be holding agencies to account and they should start insisting on approving any new executive contract positions as well as reviewing those currently in place.

"They need to listen more closely, improve their work with others and use their time more effectively. The only reason they got a D for Openness and Transparency is that they have released some reports albeit usually late and after a lot of pressure.

"Labor’s grades this year are a cause for serious concern. Territorians cannot afford for them to fail again next year.

"They need to vastly improve their attitude, their performance and their work ethic, swallow their pride and pick up their act overall."