Election war chest, not jobs for Territorians

30 October 2018

The Territory Labor government’s scrapping of the Northern Territory Infrastructure Development Fund (NTIDF) is a thinly veiled attempt to get Labor’s skyrocketing levels of debt under control.

Leader of the Opposition, Gary Higgins said that the Fund was established to create job generating projects not to build an election war chest for Labor.

"The government’s so-called jobs package is an election slush fund by any other name."

"For more than two years Labor has failed to create any jobs in the Territory, despite a promise to create 14,000 per year, and our employment figures have instead declined."

"All that this inept government has managed to grow is debt levels for future generations of Territorians."

"The Territory is on track to reach an unprecedented debt level of $7.5 billion."

"Territorians have no faith that Labor can deliver major projects, jobs for Territorians or grow the population."

"Labor is failing our economy so badly, the Chief Minister in Parliament today instead took to using terminology from the previous CLP government in relation to jobs and the economy and ‘diversifying the economy.’

"The Chief Minister can talk all he likes about creating jobs, but he is fooling no-one," said Mr Higgins.