Eight hour siege

7 November 2018

In response to two years of escalating crime, no evidence of a decrease in repeat offending and last night’s eight hour siege at Don Dale, the Opposition calls for the following:

  • Minister to resign due to Territorians’ loss of confidence in her leadership
  • Construction of a new youth justice facility to commence immediately at Holtz
  • Reconfigure youth justice to be under the responsibility of Corrections


Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Lia Finocchiaro said in the wake of the riot at Don Dale, which took authorities eight hours to contain, the responsible Minister should resign.

"For more than two years, the Minister for Territory Families has presided over youth justice and in that time crime has risen to historic levels."

"This is simply not good enough and we cannot just roll on as is under Minister Wakefield’s failed approach."

"The CLP would bring balance into Youth Justice by moving it into Corrections to provide the custodial oversight and have Territory Families deliver the rehabilitation support to drive down repeat youth offending."

"Territory Families has an important role to play in delivering services such as practical skills training, boot camps and work programs and Corrections should have primary responsibility for overseeing youth justice facilities."

"In addition, Labor must immediately commit to identifying a new site for the replacement Don Dale, because Pinelands is not suitable which was reinforced by last night’s riot."

"The Opposition believes the new Youth Justice facility should be built at Holtze, in the vicinity of, but not next to, the existing corrections facility."

"I thank all first responders for their work in containing last night’s riot and will be receiving a briefing this afternoon on the incident," said Ms Finocchiaro.