Dirty, Dangerous Plan for Lying

28 NOVEMBER 2019

In sheer desperation, the Chief Minister continues to lie about CLP plans and policies.
The Chief Minister’s latest lie is about the CLP’s plan for fracking, and Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said he wanted to set the record straight.
“The Chief Minister has sent out a release stating we were ‘campaigning for nuclear energy and a dirty, dangerous plan for fracking’,” he said.
“This is simply not true, but not surprising given that being dishonest is a hallmark of this Labor Government, and especially the Chief Minister.”
Mr Higgins said Territorians should expect more lies to come as the election looms.
“Today in the Parliament, the Chief Minister in a bizarre performance, backed up comments in a media release from October 4 which said the CLP increased bag limits during the Magpie Goose hunting season - this is absolutely false,” he said.
“Changes to the Public Information Act by the Gunner Labor Government were pushed through Parliament earlier this year, which means the Government can use public funds for propaganda – they’ve legislated lies.
“If a CLP Government is elected next year, we will absolutely reverse the changes to this Legislation.”
The Opposition has written to business leaders telling them the truth given their concerns about the Chief Minister’s misleading statement on fracking.
“The CLP believe that the good of the Territory should rate above petty political point scoring,” Mr Higgins said. “We know there are many keeping their eyes on the Beetaloo project, which has potentially enough gas to supply Australia’s energy for 200 years and beyond.
“So while there is tremendous potential, none of this will be realised if the Gunner Labor Government is willing to recklessly impugn the scientifically verified and safe method of onshore petroleum resources extraction.
“The CLP supports and values the oil and gas industry, and we support jobs, growth, development and private investment, and we will never put the interests of the party above the interests of the Territory.”