Crime statistics show alcohol policy has failed

19 October 2018

The 10 per cent increase in alcohol related assaults Territory wide reinforces that Labor has failed to keep Territorians and their property safe. The Banned Drinker Register (BDR) has delivered an increase in alcohol related presentations at Territory hospitals (year on year) and an increase in alcohol related crime.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Lia Finocchiaro said that latest crime statistics (year on year to 31 August 2018) reinforce the Territory is plagued by lawlessness.

"Despite the best work of our police force, the Territory is under siege and Labor is unable to address this crisis in more than two years.

"Territorians are sick and tired of paying the cost of crime, including businesses who are targeted time and time again and many on multiple occasions - in Katherine (90 per cent increase in commercial break ins), Palmerston (51 per cent) and Nhulunbuy (33 per cent).

"We need strong measures that hold people to account and provide consequences for actions and a plan to address the Territory’s prolific levels of anti-social behaviour.

"As a minimum, this plan should include better lighting in high traffic areas, improved provision and monitoring of CCTV and compulsory treatment and rehabilitation for those with a chronic alcohol problem.

"As well the government needs to act now to ensure service providers are resourced to assist people wanting to get back to their communities.

"The former model of alcohol mandatory treatment needs to be revised and re-instated, taking on board recommendations from the independent report* conducted in 2017.

"The Territory Labor government needs to act now and implement a compulsory alcohol treatment and rehabilitation program that works to help Territorians with a chronic alcohol habit," said Ms Finocchiaro.