Crime out of control

7 OCTOBER 2019

Crime is the single biggest issue for Territorians right now, but neither the Chief Minister nor Police Minister could front with the facts or numbers when asked in the media.

Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said after a horror week of crime including assaults in Nightcliff and a stabbing in Palmerston, the Chief Minister needed to show leadership.

"What we’ve instead seen is a Chief Minister hiding behind rhetoric and spin who can’t answer simple questions or have the facts and figures ready for Territorians," she said.

"We know from the Estimates process that the number of youth who completed Operation Flinders and victim offender conferencing were really low.

"Until March this year, there were only 58 victim offender conferences and 62 youths who completed Operation Flinders.

"How do we know these numbers, but this incompetent Gunner Labor Government doesn’t?"

Mrs Finocchiaro said the CLP was clear in its approach to crime.

"Youth Justice must go back to corrections to ensure the framework is there to deal with youth offenders, and that escalating penalties must be in place for repeat offenders.

"There must be a consequence for every crime, and last week’s crime spree shows an escalation in the type of offending.

"For the Chief Minister to say his government is delivering consequences for youth offenders is contradictory to his actions - last month the Gunner Labor Government stood in the Parliament and passed laws which watered down youth justice laws and removed breach of bail conditions as an offence.

"He likes to blame the CLP but the numbers show that crime has increased to record levels on his watch.

"Where is the Territory Families Minister who is the person responsible? If the Chief Minister and Police Minister aren’t going to address the concerns of Territorians with this escalation in the type of offending, then where is the Territory Families Minister?"