Condolence Motion: Sri Lanka Terrorist Attack

9 May 2019

The Opposition spoke in a parliamentary condolence motion today by honouring the hundreds of innocent lives taken by an unspeakable act of terrorism in Sri Lanka over the Easter break.

In a speech to parliament, Opposition Leader Gary Higgins remembered the victims, those still battling critical injuries in hospital, and the Sri Lankan community who have been shattered by their loss.

"There is no doubt Christians and Westerners were deliberately targeted by the murderers – a bloody act of intolerance which has been condemned by the world," Mr Higgins said.

"It’s left a community in grief, and another country in agony. So many people – locals and visitors alike – unfairly taken from their loved ones."

Mr Higgins also remembered the two Australians who lost their lives - a mother, Manik Suriaaratchi, and her 10 year old daughter Alexendria.

"I know every single person in Parliament would have felt, like me, an overwhelming sadness for their husband and father Sudesh Kolonne and the countless other families destroyed by these acts of bloody murder."

He said again, the Territory had come together to remember and unite for those who lost everything.

"We will continue to unite to make it clear that these extreme acts of terrorism and intimidation will do nothing more than strengthen our resolve to live in a tolerant and peace loving world where respect, cooperation, compassion and unity are a priority," Mr Higgins said.

"Our message is and always has been clear: there is no place for this hate here, and we will stand together, shoulder to shoulder, and live and work in peaceful harmony.

"We extend our deepest, sincerest and most heartfelt condolences to the Sri Lankan communities both here and overseas. We mourn with you and for you."