Condolence Motion: Darwin Shooting

20 June 2019

The Opposition spoke in a parliamentary condolence motion today on the unspeakable act of violence in Darwin this month.

In a speech to parliament, Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said the violence left the city in shock as the unbelievable news filtered through.

"We have paid tribute too many times9 to the victims of senseless acts of violence, and to have this come to our doorstep is shocking and simply awful" Mr Higgins said.

"There are still so many questions why four men lost their lives and a woman was injured that night."

"It’s left our community in grief but as expected, Territorians, indeed Australians, reached out to the families and friends of the victims, again showing our society as a whole can and will rally at times of devastation."

Mr Higgins said he and Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro were honoured to attend the community service and vigil at the Uniting Church.

"Again, it was an example of Territorians banding together to offer comfort and sympathy," he said.

"But let’s also not forget the first responders and those from police and other services who have worked tirelessly on this ever since the first shots at around 5.45pm.

"Their bravery should not be underestimated and we thank them sincerely for working quickly to move in on the shooter and secure the safety of our city.

"I am always grateful for the women and men who put their lives on the line to ensure our safety."