Condolence Motion: Christchurch terror attack

19 March 2019

Deputy Leader of the Opposition Lia Finocchiaro spoke in a parliamentary condolence motion today by honouring the 50 innocent lives taken by an unspeakable act of terrorism in Christchurch, New Zealand last week.

In a speech to parliament, Ms Finocchiaro remembered the victims, some as young as three, those still battling critical injuries in hospital, and the Christchurch community who have been shattered by their loss.

"These were ordinary people, going about their day, when they were brutally murdered," she said.

"Atrocities like the Christchurch attacks, leave an indelible mark for all the wrong reasons, on those who live to tell of the terror experienced in the moments before, during and after the shootings.

"How we as a global community, cousins across the Tasman Sea, unite to support those who survived, those suffering the loss of loved ones and those reeling from the savagery of otherwise peaceful shores, is what is important now.

"It must be made very, very clear. Acts of extremism, acts of terrorism, acts of intimidation, will do nothing more than strengthen our resolve to live in a tolerant and peace loving world that is motivated by the fundamental principles of respect, cooperation, compassion, unity and freedom."

She commended Territorians who had showed their respect and commitment to unity.

"There has been a flood of flowers, cards and gifts to the Territory’s mosques since Friday," she said.

"We send our deepest condolences to the Islamic and New Zealand communities both here and overseas."