Chief Minister, release the report

8 November 2018

The hypocrisy of the Labor government knows no bounds. At a time when business needs support, Labor refuses to reveal a report as part of its so-called consultation with industry bodies and affected licensed grocery stores.

The Opposition calls on the Chief Minister to direct his Alcohol Review Implementation Team (ARIT) to release the report and genuinely consult with locally owned, small businesses that are the cornerstone of our communities.

Leader of the Opposition, Gary Higgins said that the Territory government continues to strong arm locally owned businesses that employ Territorians and contribute to the fabric of our community.

"The government has failed to consult in a meaningful way, and completely ignored businesses that are already struggling in a tough economic climate and having been plagued by crime.

"The government is throwing its weight around over the very local owned businesses and people a government should be supporting.

"These are the same businesses that employee Territorians, sponsor and support local community groups including sports teams and drive foot traffic to local retail precincts.

"I call on the Chief Minister to show some leadership and release the report.

"The Territory Opposition is appalled by this latest anti-business bully boy tactic by Labor and I can assure all Territory small businesses - we stand with them.

"I would’ve expected that the Chief Minister’s alcohol reform team would have genuinely consulted with all stakeholders on the issues and the wider ranging reform," said Mr Higgins.