Cause the CLP gives a DAMA (II)

2 January 2019

The CLP Opposition has again welcomed the formation of a new Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA Mk2). The DAMA, established under the former government, has been a focus of the Opposition for the past two years.

"We welcomed the inclusion of a new DAMA when it was part of the Cities Deal announcement," Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said. "We had been lobbying Canberra for years for an updated agreement and were concerned Labor had dropped the ball on it.

"The DAMA is a positive for local industry, particularly the resources and services sectors and lobbying to Canberra included detailing to the Federal Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs how a new, special migration deal for the Territory should have more occupations, be driven by business and have pathways to permanency as well as keeping new migrants in the Northern Territory.

"It is wonderful to see this is finally coming to fruition as well as our suggestion for a possible subsidisation of HECs fees connected to those who secure their first job on graduation in the Northern Territory."

In 2019 the Opposition will continue to lobby Canberra for additional considerations including the possibility of tax breaks and increasing remote and regional allowances and further decentralisation of appropriate Australian Public Service employees.

"The Federal Government has decentralised 10 positions of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations to Darwin, two positions of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority as well as those announced in December at Aboriginal Hostels Limited," Mr Higgins said.

"These moves bode well for the Northern Territory and we’ll be lobbying for more in 2019."