Car park questions remain

22 OCTOBER 2019

The Gunner Labor Government needs to come clean on the operating model for Darwin’s underground car park.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said given the car park was meant to be operational at the end of October, it was concerning that no information was yet known.

"We have on multiple occasions sought information on Darwin’s underground car park with no response from the Gunner Labor Government," he said.

"They have so far failed to give any answers on how many car parks are available for the public, who is responsible for the car park, and at what cost to the Territory tax payer.

"We’d also like to know if the car park is a cyclone shelter given the design brief outlined it would be."

Mr Higgins said the lack of answers from the incompetent Gunner Labor Government was not surprising.

"We have come to expect this from a Government who has more to hide than share, despite promising to be open, honest, and transparent when they came to power three years ago," Mr Higgins said.

"What have they got to hide?"