Boundless arrogance

23 October 2018

The Territory Opposition today censured the Northern Territory government, with the following motion:

That this Assembly censures the Government for its arrogance in addressing the current crisis besetting the Northern Territory in the areas of alcohol abuse, crime, juvenile delinquency, prison escapes, population decline, poor business confidence, debt and deficit, lazy tax grabs, dishonesty and a severe lack of transparency since it came to office in August 2016.

Leader of the Opposition, Gary Higgins, said that the Labor government’s arrogance knows no bounds.

"The holier-than-thou, untouchable attitude is clearly evidenced in Labor’s handling of alcohol issues, our failing economy and any number of projects we don’t need.

"Labor has been in government for more than two years, the blame game of the former government is boundlessly boring.

"Labor needs to get out of its purple haze and realise it has failed the Territory, and Territorians badly.

"Our worsening economy, crime and community safety crisis, job losses and declining tourism figures are just a handful of the failures of this government.

"The arrogance of Labor is no better illustrated than its dumping of a youth detention facility in the middle of the Pinelands industrial business precinct and the threat of compulsory acquisition of land for the National Aboriginal Art Gallery in Alice Springs, both projects of which were devoid of genuine consultation with stakeholders, but rather, a bully-boy approach that has become trademark of this Labor government.

"All that Labor has delivered for Territorians and the Territory is failure and debt," said Mr Higgins.