Bird bag limit lies

17 OCTOBER 2019

The Minister for Environment and Natural Resources has deliberately ignored the facts when it comes to increasing the bag limit for the Magpie Goose hunting season.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said the Minister today in the Parliament could not back her claims in a release that "the CLP increased the bag limits to an unsustainable level putting the entire season at risk".

"I asked the Minister to detail for the Assembly exactly when this increase in bag limits took place and under which Minister’s direction," he said.

"The fact is the initial increase was done by former Labor Minister Karl Hampton in 2011."

Mr Higgins said the Department wanted to reduce numbers and bag limits which would have decimated waterfowl hunting in the NT.

"The CLP will always back hunters and stands up for the Territory lifestyle," Mr Higgins said.

"The Minister as always was choosy about her facts and chose to shift the goal posts.

"Even more disappointing, is that she didn’t have the facts to back her own press release when questioned today, which kills her already shot credibility.

"You just can’t trust this Minister and you can’t trust Labor."