August Parliament preview – week two

12 August 2019

The Opposition will continue its scrutiny of the Gunner Labor Government this week, as week two of August’s Parliamentary Sittings begins.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said among the many issues to be scrutinised will be the Liquor Bill 2019.

"The Opposition has been meeting with stakeholders to fully understand the impact of the proposed changes to the Liquor Act," he said.

"We are concerned by the impact that the changes will have on small and medium-sized businesses in the Territory, including corner stores.

"This Government has had three years to get their alcohol policy right, but we continue to see a lack of action on their part.

"We continue to see antisocial behaviour on our streets, commercial and household crime, and the majority of Territorians are being punished for the actions of a few, rather than dealing with the cause of alcohol harm in our community.

"We’ll also put the Government under the pump for their complete inability to address our stagnant economy. Their solution is to re-announce projects and take credit for the work done by the private sector, previous governments and the Commonwealth.

"They are devoid of ideas and lack the maturity and courage to demonstrate any real leadership for the Northern Territory."

Week One of the August sittings proved the Gunner Labor Government regularly fails to answer direct questions and continues with the spin and rhetoric to avoid answering them.

Mr Higgins said it wasn’t the first time Ministers did everything but answer the simple questions asked of them during Question Time.

"We hope this week we see some real, honest answers from Ministers," he said.

The Opposition will continue to hold the Gunner Labor Government to account for their wasteful spending, lack of immediate action for our struggling economy, and inability to manage youth crime in our community.