Arafura Games: Labor should take its own advice

20 March 2019

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins has again criticised the Labor Government for not conducting a cost benefit analysis prior to spending $8 million on the Arafura Games, a figure that has doubled in recent months.

His remarks come after a departmental report commissioned by the Paul Henderson Labor Government was mentioned in parliament today.

"There was a very good reason for discontinuing the Arafura Games in 2012 - it was one of the recommended options of the departmental report," Mr Higgins said.

"The report is clear in its conclusion that the Arafura Games were stale, in decline and used an outdated model, inhibiting expansion.

"The Games were not linked to the international sporting pathways, tours and events. Most importantly, not only were the Arafura Games not linked to Asian sporting events but they were actually competing with them.

"And still, despite all this information coming from a Labor report, they’ve gone against their own advice to continue this event. We support the event, we hope it’s a success, but Territorians deserve a return and demonstrated benefit on such an exorbitant spend in times of an economic and fiscal crisis."