Another Don Dale failure

8 July 2019

Gunner Labor Government is so myopically focused on generational change that it’s to the detriment of the community, with crime out of control in the Northern Territory.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said the weekend’s Don Dale incident was yet another abject failure of the Minister for Territory Families, who has shown time and time again she is totally incapable of holding her position in Cabinet.

"This Gunner Labor Government has completely dropped the ball on everything, and the Minister is so focused on generational change, she’s missing what’s happening right now," Mr Higgins said.

"Crime is out of control, we are the worst performing economy in the nation, and news of more rioting in Don Dale is just not acceptable."

Mr Higgins said the community was crying out for the Government to take action on youth crime, but they were sitting silent.

"What is it going to take for them to wake up and get moving and do what they were elected to do?," he said.

"Territory Families has hardworking staff with the best intentions but they are not equipped to run detention facilities and have been set up to fail by the Gunner Labor Government.

"The inability to control detainees resulting in riots puts unnecessary strain on our police who are struggling to meet demand on our streets from youth crime."

Mr Higgins also said the Gunner Labor Government needed to come clean on the cost to the community of using TRG staff at Don Dale. The police budget was already under pressure.

"The Gunner Labor Government is foolish and failing Territorians, and they need to come clean on what this latest fiasco is going to cost, particularly as they ask Principals and Senior Police to take a pay cut, cut elective surgery at Royal Darwin Hospital, and hand $12 million to the racing industry for a new grandstand," he said.