Another day, another devastating report

28 March 2019

News of Darwin’s property prices slumping to 2007 levels is another blow to the city’s already crippling economic and fiscal crises.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said the news was heart breaking, and he urged the Labor Government to face reality. Negative equity is a real problem and is having real effects on families in Darwin and Palmerston.

"Darwin is crying out for private sector investment," he said.

"We’ve said several times – car parks and shade structures are not a solution to our economic and fiscal woes. We need sound economic policy and a proper plan of attack, none of which this government has shown they are capable of doing.

"Territorians are struggling, and they are sick of this out of touch Labor Government who continue to spend money while watching the house prices of their own constituents drop.

"Their head in the sand approach is helping absolutely no-one."