Another bad report

7 March 2019

There is more bad news for the Northern Territory as new retail trade figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show eight consecutive months of decline in retail trade.

Figures show retail trade is down 1.2 per cent, nearly three times worse than the next laggard Queensland at 0.5 per cent.

Leader of the Opposition Gary Higgins said it was another sign of Territorians tightening their belts in response to the Territory’s dire economic situation.

"If the GDP figures released this week weren’t enough, this is more evidence that the economic crisis is real, and real action is required now," he said.

"Dozens of businesses have shut their doors under this government, further evidence of why Territorians no longer have confidence in this Labor Government.

"Retail trade is an integral part of our economy and these figures are deeply concerning.

"Just what will it take for this government to admit we’re in an economic crisis?"