A City Deal for Darwin

16 November 2018

CLP leader Gary Higgins has added his congratulations to all levels of government for finally signing the multi-million dollar City Deal for Darwin.

"Like all Top Enders, I’ve been keen to hear the detail of the deal – especially the funding commitment on offer," Mr Higgins said.

"It was great to witness today’s signing. Darwin has been crying out for action and I’m pleased there is now a solid commitment from all governments to move the city forward. Darwin is a city of untapped potential and this deal will help tap into that through various aspects.

"I was especially pleased to see our lobbying for the art gallery at State Square, linking of the Waterfront to the CBD, the redevelopment of the former Naval Fuel Installation at Stokes Hill and a Larrakia Cultural Centre has borne fruit under the deal."

"It was also great to see the governments committing to ratifying a new designated area migration agreement (DAMA) for the Northern Territory before the end of the year. This is something I’ve been committed to for years," Mr Higgins added.

"Done properly, the projects will not only enhance our cultural identity, they will provide additional attractive drawcards to the city – much needed financial boosts to our flagging economy."

The Opposition has also lobbied the Australian government on the decentralisation of appropriate Australian Public Service employees and for a review of the current airspace assessment process for buildings above 45 metres in the city centre. Both issues are also part of the agreement.

Mr Higgins said the Opposition supports the growth of international education and training partnerships in the Asia region.

"The investment in an iconic new education centre supports this growth strategy," he said.

"In the spirit of this, I have lobbied my Federal colleagues to provide incentives to increase the number of international students for the Territory."