Candidate Announcement

The Northern Territory 2020 general election presents a clear choice for voters – a chaotic Labor Government lacking real leadership, or a new and fresh CLP.
Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said the choice was clear after announcing the remaining candidates today.
“We hear Territorians loud and clear – fix the economy and do something about crime,” she said.
“Gary Higgins and I have worked hard for three and a half years to restore Territorian’s confidence in the CLP, and today’s announcement of our remaining candidates shows our hard work has paid off.
“What voters have to choose between is a Labor Government who has decimated our economy and let crime reach unprecedented levels, or a new and fresh CLP team consisting of passionate Territorians who want to see the Territory we love grow and prosper once again.”
Mrs Finocchiaro said her recent announcements about power prices and crime gave certainty to Territorians.
“These announcements give certainty to Territorians, who know a future under a CLP Government will be focused on growing private sector investment, and tackling crime.
“Our commitments are a stark contrast to the Labor Government who have consistently delivered the worst performing economy in the nation, and are more concerned about the rights of offenders over community safety.
“Together, let’s get the Territory growing again.”