Alice Springs Statement: Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro

“My time in Alice Springs was spent listening to people about the impact of youth crime in the community.
“I spent time door knocking the Todd Mall, meeting with business owners, tourism, locals and the Chamber of Commerce.
“People are clear in their frustration with youth crime in Alice Springs, and they want something done now. I listened to the solutions being offered and look forward to using it to inform future policy. They are also concerned by the social and economic impact of youth crime. Concerns of declining tourism numbers and the local population are real, and should not be ignored.
“Not one single person I spoke with yesterday wanted only a punitive approach. They do however expect real consequences for criminal actions, and a government who listens.
“I will continue to hold the Labor Government to account for it inaction in Alice Springs.
“Locals empathise with police, who are working hard with the resources they have. They also feel abandoned by the Labor Government who can’t even admit there is a problem.”