Action on youth crime

4 February 2020

The Territory has been plagued by youth crime for too long under a Labor Government who’s demonstrated it has no answers.
Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said it was not good enough that the Labor Government expected the community to wait for generational change.
“Alice Springs residents have told me youth crime is at crisis levels, and we already know it’s impacting other major centres around the Territory,” she said.
“The community has had enough, and the time is now to return order to our streets and change the conversation from excuses to real consequences and reform.”
On Thursday, Mrs Finocchiaro will make her first trip to Alice Springs as Opposition Leader.
There are four main points she will be discussing with people in Alice Springs, which are commitments of a future CLP Government:
1. Youth Justice will be immediately returned to Corrections. The Department of Corrections is best placed to correct the behaviour plaguing our communities. Territory Families will focus on the care and protection of children, and Police and Corrections, along with relevant NGOs, will be given the tools they need to take back control of our streets.
2. Every youth offender will, if diverted, undertake community service. The community deserves to see real consequences and community service offers a meaningful and effective option if incarceration is not required.
3. Victims first. Territorians have had enough of the Labor Government’s ‘offender first’ polices where the victim is forgotten. The toll of crime in our community cannot be sustained and a strong message needs to be sent to offenders.
4. Community Solutions. The best answers to crime often come from the communities impacted, and they will be different across our Territory. Solutions like curfew in Alice Springs, if supported by the Alice Springs community, will be implemented.
“I look forward to announcing further policies on crime as I continue to listen closely to Territorians as we head towards this year’s General Election,” Mrs Finocchiaro said.