Budget Restraint

28 NOVEMBER 2019

The Treasurer can continue to spruik her ‘green shoots’ gardening metaphors, but the fact still remains that there’s been a $106 million increase to the budget on her watch.
Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said it added up to a $17.6 million overspend per month over the last six months.
“That lack of oversight from the Treasurer is astonishing,” she said.
“The Gunner Labor Government have had more than three years to get this right, they’ve spent thousands on the Langoulant Report into budget repair, they know what they have to do but continue to fail.
“The Gunner Labor Government has instead squandered money on short term hits like the underground car park and pet projects like the shade structure, they’ve given $12 million to the Darwin Turf Club, but can’t find the money to fix the woes at RDH.
“Their priorities are completely wrong.”
Mrs Finocchiaro said Territorians were fed up, and just wanted the Treasurer to take the economy seriously.
“This situation is heartbreaking, people can’t pay their homes off, the uncertainty is killing jobs and investment, and all we have is a Gunner Labor Government putting up shade structures and eating laksa,” she said.
“We’re still yet to get a straight answer about the true cost of the Arafura Games, and the Boundless Possible campaign and population strategy is failing, but we’re told not to worry, because there’s green shoots.
“This Gunner Labor Government can’t get anything right, they don’t know how to govern, they certainly don’t know how to manage an economy and they are in denial about how concerned Territorians are about the economy.”