Hiding behind process

The same Labor Government who promised to be open, honest, and transparent are refusing to release critical pieces of information regarding spending of taxpayer money and continue avoid scrutiny.
Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said the Turf Club fiasco continues to unfold and plague the Labor Government, and she called for light to be shone on the matter.
“Territorians desperately want stability, not scandal, and yet the Chief Minister continues to hide behind process to make excuses for why the Auditor-General should not investigate the matter,” she said.
“The Labor Government knows the Auditor-General has wide powers to review this transaction.
“The Chief Minister must release all communication and information on the $12m grant and commit to an audit of all grants awarded while his former Chief of Staff was working in order to restore confidence in the process and to clear the air.”
Mrs Finocchiaro said she’d be using today’s General Business Day to highlight the Labor Government’s disastrous four years and lack of vision for the future of the Territory.
“Territorians have an important choice to make in August,” she said.
“The Labor Government is devoid of a vision, and their focus is squarely on name calling and blaming the previous government before defending their own appalling record.
“Territorians have lost faith in the Labor Government as they battle crime in their communities and fight to keep their jobs.
“People in Alice Springs are crying out for support and have been left behind by the Labor Government.
“We’re listening to Territorians, and we’re taking into account their feedback and will release our policies in the coming months because we’re ready to give Territorians a clear choice for a brighter future at the election.
“It’s time to get the Territory growing again.”