Questions keep coming, but no answers

The questions keep coming for the Labor Government over the Turf Club grandstand fiasco.
Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro said the Opposition would continue to call on the Chief Minister to resign and seek the answers Territorians deserve.
“The Chief Minister said he felt like an idiot not knowing what was happening in his own office, so what else has gone on behind his back without him knowing?” she said.
“Is the Chief Minister being dishonest, or is he asleep behind the wheel?
“The Treasurer also has some questions to answer in that she excused herself from the decision making when she could have been in there fighting against it, given the state of our budget and competing priorities.”
“The announcement of the grant was passed around like a hot potato, and no Minister wanted to touch it so who does the awarding of the grant belong to, and how did it get to this position? Why did no Labor Minister want to announce it?
“Territorians deserve answers to those questions from this Labor Government who promised to be open and transparent.”
Mrs Finocchiaro said the Opposition referred this matter to the Auditor General pursuant to her powers under the Financial Management Act 1995.