Local Jobs Fund a Failure

11 December, 2019

The $89 million Local Jobs Fund has delivered nothing except an $88,000 grant since its inception in May.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins said for a Gunner Labor Government that say they are so focused on growing jobs, it was laughable at how little they’ve delivered.

“If you ever needed an example of an incompetent government, this is it,” he said.

“This fund was promoted as a way of growing jobs and accelerating major and significant infrastructure but it’s done absolutely nothing.

“This go-slow Gunner Labor Government can’t get anything right - they can say they’ve got as many applications as they like but the fact remains that only one single grant has been handed out, and that’s just not good enough.”

Mr Higgins said it shouldn’t be forgotten where the Local Jobs Fund came from.

“The $89m Local Jobs Fund came from the Northern Territory Infrastructure Development Fund, which was dissolved by the Gunner Labor Government, following a shocking $10m investment in the failed NT Beverages,” he said.

“It’s been more than three long, wasted years and this Gunner Labor Government has done nothing but sit around and waste time and taxpayer dollars.

“The responsibility for our stagnant ‘worst performing economy in the nation’ sits squarely with the Chief Minister and the Treasurer.

“Either they explain to Territorians how this $89 million is going to improve the economy or the lives of Territorians, or they admit they’ve made it an election slush fund.

“They can’t get anything right, and they just don’t know how to govern.”