Ship Lift Welcomed

10 DECEMBER 2019

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins has welcomed the injection of Federal funds towards the Darwin ship lift.
He said the announcement from Minister for Northern Australia Matt Canavan meant the CLP project from over three years ago would finally get some traction.
“I am still concerned about the details of the project under the Gunner Labor Government, and am aware this is another $300 million Territorians now have to pay back over the next 28 years, and another $100 million added to the emerging debt burden” Mr Higgins said.
“This is a chance for a new industry here in the Top End, identified by a CLP Government more than three years ago, so we hope the Gunner Labor Government has got it right.
“We have been calling for a diversified economy for years, and have said private sector investment needs to be top of mind, yet the Gunner Labor Government has squandered millions on pet projects and underground car parks.
“If you spend irresponsibly, you have nothing left for when the major projects come around.
“A CLP Government would rein in the spending, free up industry and business, support a diversified economy, support sustainable infrastructure, remove regulatory burdens on business, incentivise private sector investment, and stop the waste.”